Joma Slam Pro Paddle Racket Black/Fluor Coral

Meget god treningsracket.

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For players who regularly play paddle tennis with a perfected technique, where control is the main weapon of the game. Due to its round shape, the Slam Pro II paddle racket facilitates ball handling, provides more security when hitting the ball and greater ability to hit more comfortably and accurately.

The outer layer is made of 12k carbon fiber. 12,000 intertwined carbon filaments that create a resistant racket with more power than fiberglass.

The inner core is built with EVA PRO technology, which combined with the outer carbon, provides necessary control to develop the maximum power in your stroke in a controlled way.

• Range: profesional

• Shape: round

• Core: EVA

• Face: 12K carbon fibre

• Frame: 100% carbon fibre

• Weight: 355-375 grs

• Thickness: 38 mm

• Control: 40

• Power: 60

• Balance: low

• Without case